Your Partner in Innovative Embedded IT Hardware and Automation Solutions | Streamline Your IT with Allele Cypert's Thin Clients & Zero Client Solutions

We provide customized design for Thin Client, and Embedded Industrial PCs | We have been dedicated to designing and producing Thin Clients, All-in-One computers, Embedded PCs, and a wide variety of computer system integration solutions for over 20 years of experience.

We provide customized design for Thin Client, and Embedded Industrial PCs

Allele Cypert Company Profile

Your Partner in Innovative Embedded IT Hardware and Automation Solutions

Allele Cypert is your trusted partner in cutting-edge embedded hardware, including Thin Client, Zero Client, All-In-One computers, Embedded PCs and automation solutions designed to meet the needs of modern businesses in commercial, medical, biology, and industrial applications worldwide.

With a wealth of experience and expertise spanning biology, IT engineering and mechanics, we specialize in designing and manufacturing devices/solutions that address the unique challenges faced by professionals in these fields.

Comprehensive product line for embedded PC solutions
Your Trusted Partner in Intelligent Computing Solutions

Allele Cypert is a leading provider of innovative, customizable, high-performance Thin Client, Zero Client, All-in-One computer, Embedded PC, and a wide variety of intelligent computer automation solutions. Our automation philosophy revolves around streamlining processes, allowing machines to efficiently handle tasks, freeing up valuable resources, and addressing unmet industrial needs.

We are committed to be
● Computer Hardware Supplier.
● Hardware Application Provider.
● System Integration Provider.
● Automation System Innovator.

SGS Certified Waterproof IP65 Testing
Tailored Solutions and Competitive Pricing for Your Unique Requirements

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the industry, we possess a profound comprehension of customer needs, and also the agility to adapt to swift market changes, allowing us to promptly cater to the target customer / market.

For clients seeking specific customization needs, they can depend on us to provide precise and optimal tailored solutions with reasonable prices. With our robust supply chain management, we offer competitive pricing to potential bulk buyers, including those with smaller volumes in the initial stages.

Over the Counter Self-Diagnose Device with Innovative design
Innovating Through User-Centric Design and Dedication

User-Centric Always start with the end user's real needs. Technology should be a tool to enhance and simplify processes, rather than just showcasing its capabilities.
Modular Design Employ modular mass production techniques, ensuring swift adaptability to market shifts and tailored demands.
Effective Cost Control Facilitate seamless integration, enabling customers to enter the market at a competitive price point.
Dedication We are not just in the business of creating hardware; we are in the business of empowering your work. When you partner with us, you are gaining a dedicated team that's passionate about innovation and problem solving.

OEM ODM Medical KIOSK and Medical AlI In One with medical cart
Who needs us

● System Integrators - Our extensive experience and expertise in computer hardware and embedded devices cater to your system requisites.
● Software Developers - We are your reliable partner in providing high performance, cost-effective custom hardware for your clients.
● Distributors - Distributors are our potential long-term partners due to the ever-changing global market conditions.
● Healthcare professionals and labs seeking user-centric, efficient automation solutions that streamline processes and address clinical needs.

Your trusted partner for Thin client, Mini PC and embedded system
Empowering Businesses Across Industries and Sizes

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries, from small startups to large enterprises. Explore our range of services and discover how we can help you elevate your research/work, streamline your processes, and achieve your goals and remain competitive in today's fast-paced business environment.


2023 Allele Cypert Company Profiles introduction. We are your trusted designer and provider of Thin Client, Mini PC, All-In-One Touch Computer and so on in Taiwan.

Inhouse IP water proof test for 23.8" Medical AIO. The 23.8-inch Touch AIO is designed to excel in various applications. It boasts a 1920 x 1080 LCD with a projected capacitive touch screen, ensuring a high-quality visual and interactive experience. Powered by an Intel® Atom Fanless CPU, it combines efficient performance with a quiet, fanless design. It can pass the waterproof and dustproof IP test and is suitable for industrial applications in various difficult environments.

Allele Cypert Technology's module design save client's shipping cost.

Product Applications of Allele Cypert
Product Applications of Allele Cypert

All-in-One PC / Computer in Various Application.

Products Lines of Allele Cypert
Products Lines of Allele Cypert

All-in-One Panel PC / POS and so on.

Allele Cypert Product List Table
Allele Cypert Product List Table

AIO, PC, Panel PC and Medical Monitor Product List.