Medical Display Monitor & Medical All in One Computer | Top-Quality Medical Monitors & All-in-One PCs by Allele Cypert Technology

Full High Definition Surgical Monitor and Medical PC | We have been dedicated to designing and producing Thin Clients, All-in-One computers, Embedded PCs, and a wide variety of computer system integration solutions for over 20 years of experience.

Full High Definition Surgical Monitor and Medical PC

Medical Computers

Medical Display Monitor & Medical All in One Computer

As a leading medical monitor and medical PC manufacturer, we specialize in designing and delivering DICOM compliant medical computers that seamlessly integrate with a wide range of medical imaging systems.

We employ long-term product design concept to ensure longevity and future compatibility. Whether you require monitors for endoscopic, laparoscopic, microscopic, fluoroscopic, or multi-modality applications, our Medical Monitor and Medical PC series provide customizable options to meet your unique needs.

EN60601 compliant medical systems for clinics and hospitals.

Medical Computers

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Clinical Medical Display Monitor - 19-inch full HD DICOM compliant Clinical Medical Monitor
Clinical Medical Display Monitor
ME1901 / ME2401 / ME2402 / ME2403

Our clinical medical monitors with LDC panel offer high brightness exceeding 350 nits, ensuring...

Diagnostic Medical Monitor - 21.3" Diagnostic 2-megapixel Medical Monitor with EN60601 certification
Diagnostic Medical Monitor
MD2101 / MD2102

Our diagnostic medical monitors comes in 2M & 5M high resolution options, ensuring comfortable...

Surgical Medical Monitor - 2-megapixel Surgical Medical Monitor with DICOM 14 compliance and EN60601
Surgical Medical Monitor
MS2101 / MS2701

Our surgical medical monitors include a 21.5" 2-Megapixel and 27" 8-Megapixel display, designed...

Medical All-in-One PC - 21.5" core i3 Powerful Medical All in One PC with EN60601
Medical All-in-One PC
AI2101 / AI-M20

Our medical all-in-one PC features a 21.5" TFT 1920 x 1080P Full HD display at 60Hz for crystal-clear...

Medical Self-Service Kiosk Hardware - 24" automated medical queuing system kiosk hardware with built-in smart card reader
Medical Self-Service Kiosk Hardware

Our Medical Self-Service Kiosk hardware with a 24" display, smart card reader, and barcode...

Medical Keyboard with Touchpad - Medical keyboard with waterproofed housing
Medical Keyboard with Touchpad
Anti-Bacterial, Cleanable Medical Keyboard

Crafted from waterproof and washable silicone, our rugged medical keyboard with built-in touchpad...

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Full High Definition Surgical Monitor and Medical PC | Innovative Industrial Touch Monitors & Embedded Systems from Allele Cypert

Based in Taiwan since 1999, with over 20 years of innovation, Allele Cypert Technology Inc. specializes in Medical Computers, all-in-one touch screen computers, industrial touch monitors, and medical monitor solutions. Our commitment to quality and advanced technology ensures high performance products for every business need. Explore our offerings to improve your operations.

Allele Cypert is your trusted partner in cutting-edge embedded hardware, including Thin Client, Zero Client, All-In-One computers, Embedded PCs and automation solutions designed to meet the needs of modern businesses in commercial, medical, biology, and industrial applications worldwide. If you're looking for "EXCLUSIVITY," you have come to the right place. With the best customized products we've got to offer, perfect satisfaction is guaranteed to our customers.

Allele Cypert has been offering customers industrial touch monitor and embedded PC, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Allele Cypert ensures each customer's requirements are met.