Secure Your Vision: Embedded NVR PC, Empowering Surveillance Solutions | Streamline Your IT with Allele Cypert's Thin Clients & Zero Client Solutions

Embedded PC as a perfect NVR PC for Surveillance Solutions | We have been dedicated to designing and producing Thin Clients, All-in-One computers, Embedded PCs, and a wide variety of computer system integration solutions for over 20 years of experience.

Embedded PC as a perfect NVR PC for Surveillance Solutions

AIoT-Empowered IPC: Achieving Smart Stores & Production Automation

Secure Your Vision: Embedded NVR PC, Empowering Surveillance Solutions

Allele Cypert provide solution for Network Video Recording (NVR) with our Fanless Embedded PC. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, our industrial PC is the perfect choice for a cutting-edge NVR solution, featuring:
- Fanless & Quiet Operation
- Power-Saving Efficiency
- H.264 Hardware Decode for Smooth Video Playback
- Long Life Cycle for Enhanced Reliability

With robust protection, our embedded PC ensures the integrity of your surveillance data, providing a secure environment for your critical assets.

Powerful Embedded PC as a control unit for a multi-function printer.
Embedded PC as the Control Unit for Multi-Function Printers in Convenience Stores

Discover the ultimate control unit for multi-function printers in convenience stores with our advanced Embedded PC solution. Our solution offers a compact size for seamless integration, ensuring exceptional convenience. It boasts power-saving and noiseless operation, contributing to a sustainable printing solution while being environmentally friendly. With a long life cycle, it provides unparalleled reliability, making it a durable and dependable choice. Furthermore, it comes equipped with integrated power protection circuitry, serving as a surge safeguard.

Our Embedded PC has been successfully deployed in over 2000 chain stores, effectively operating their multi-function printers, resulting in enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations. It stands as an exceptional solution, offering unmatched performance and reliability for convenience stores.

Powerful Embedded PC for smooth industrial automation process.
Empowering Manufacturing Factories with Our Cutting-Edge Embedded PC

Our embedded PC, powered by the Intel® Core processor, offers unparalleled computing capabilities that facilitate real-time data processing and swift factory control. It boasts a range of impressive features, including robust networking through two Intel Gigabit LAN connections, scalable storage solutions, enhanced display capabilities, and wide power voltage support from 12V to 24V. Additionally, it incorporates TPM 2.0 for advanced security measures.

As a result of implementing our Embedded PC, factories have witnessed a significant improvement in data processing speed, enhanced real-time control over factory operations, and an overall enhancement in product life cycle management. This comprehensive solution empowers factories to operate efficiently and securely, leveraging cutting-edge technology for optimized performance.

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