High Performance, Fanless POS / HMI All-in-One System Hardware for Retail | Streamline Your IT with Allele Cypert's Thin Clients & Zero Client Solutions

Highly Customizable POS / HMI Solutions | We have been dedicated to designing and producing Thin Clients, All-in-One computers, Embedded PCs, and a wide variety of computer system integration solutions for over 20 years of experience.

Highly Customizable POS / HMI Solutions

POS Terminals & Interactive HMI - Smart Retail and Service Solutions

High Performance, Fanless POS / HMI All-in-One System Hardware for Retail

Allele Cypert create tailored POS and Server systems hardware for a global fast-food franchise brand. Our dust and water-resistant POS units withstand flour and liquid spills. A solid metal stand with cable management ensures stability and tidiness. The 17 inch POS Hardware is equipped with responsive touch screen and supports various modules like magnetic stripe readers and barcode scanners. With cutting-edge technology and versatile peripherals, Allele Cypert offers the ideal POS hardware solution for ever-evolving POS & Hospitality businesses.

17inch Interactive HMI with touch and omni-directional barcode scanner.
Enhancing Customer Experience with Interactive Multimedia Display Kiosks

We introduced an innovative 17" Interactive Multimedia Display Kiosk with an omni-directional barcode scanner for a top sportswear retailer. This user-friendly touch All-in-One (AIO) kiosk allowed easy navigation of product categories and real-time product lookup, offering instant access to pricing, specs, and availability. With robust protection circuitry and an anti-glare, anti-scratch screen, it ensured uninterrupted operation and durability, even in bright store settings and significantly improved the overall customer experience.

HMI Touch Panel PC with open frame design for Kiosk easy integration.
Elevating the Kiosk Experience with the 19-Inch Open Frame Panel PC

Our innovative 19" robust Open Frame Panel PC solution redefines the kiosk experience. It features an Anti-Scratch Screen for exceptional durability, ensuring longevity even with constant user interactions. Its high adaptability, slim design, and user-friendly installation process make integration into existing kiosks seamless. The high-brightness display guarantees clear visibility in well-lit environments. Additionally, we offer an optional touch-less panel, providing a hygienic interface for today's health-conscious world.

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POS Terminals & Interactive HMI - Smart Retail and Service Solutions | Enhance Operations with Allele Cypert's Advanced Medical & Industrial PCs

Based in Taiwan since 1999, with over 20 years of innovation, Allele Cypert Technology Inc. specializes in all-in-one touch screen computers, industrial touch monitors, and medical monitor solutions. Our commitment to quality and advanced technology ensures high performance products for every business need. Explore our offerings to improve your operations.

Allele Cypert is your trusted partner in cutting-edge embedded hardware, including Thin Client, Zero Client, All-In-One computers, Embedded PCs and automation solutions designed to meet the needs of modern businesses in commercial, medical, biology, and industrial applications worldwide. If you're looking for "EXCLUSIVITY," you have come to the right place. With the best customized products we've got to offer, perfect satisfaction is guaranteed to our customers.

Allele Cypert has been offering customers industrial touch monitor and embedded PC, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Allele Cypert ensures each customer's requirements are met.